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An Introduction to the Spiritual Teaching of
His Divine Presence,

Avatar Adi Da Samraj


RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL traditions speak, each in their own language, of a deep intuition that there is something more than the temporary pleasures and inevitable sufferings of ordinary life. Called by many names, it is Truth, God, Reality with a capital "R", Perfect Happiness, Liberation. His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj describes it as the birthright of all beings, the “Prior Condition” of each and every one.

AVATAR ADI DA: “The Inherent Self-Radiance of Being Is Bliss, Freedom, Happiness, Fullness, Non-conditional Well-Being. This Is Inherently The Case—not merely the case sometimes, somewhere else, after death. The Inherent Self-Radiance of Being Is the Condition of existence. Therefore, the Integrity of Being is to Realize This, Always Already.” 

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AVATAR ADI DA TEACHES that human beings are preventing their own Happiness—through something they are doing. Each one is contracting from Reality, presuming to be separate, and seeking for Happiness on that basis. 

AVATAR ADI DA: “You want to feel good—because you feel bad. Therefore, you are seeking—in order to feel good. 


It is not just that you are feeling bad—you are making yourself feel bad. That is what you must find out. The ‘self’-contraction is the ‘why’ you feel bad. It is the bad feeling. And you are doing it.” 

The “self”-contraction, as Avatar Adi Da describes it, is a recoil in the face of the vulnerability of born existence. It is a gesture of separation that becomes the sense of being a separate “self”, or “ego”.


Suffering this situation, we seek to feel better—through the consolations and distractions of ordinary life, or by spiritual or religious means. But, as Avatar Adi Da asserts, all seeking ultimately fails, because it is based on “self”-contraction, and tends only to reinforce it.


“The ‘self’-contraction is the ‘why’ you feel bad. It is the bad feeling. And you are doing it.” 

                                   – Avatar Adi Da Samraj


AVATAR ADI DA: “The “world” is in a state of utter bewilderment because of egoity. Egoity, “point of view”, separateness, “self”-contraction—such is the basis of human design in the mummery of the ordinary “world”.

“In the context of the search, the Divine is seen only through the “lens” of the human “problem”, and not As Is.” 

                                   – Avatar Adi Da Samraj

In that circumstance of ego-made awareness, people seek the Divine. They are moved to seek the Divine because the egoic life is the very form of suffering. The egoic life inevitably becomes associated with all the modes of suffering. The search for a philosophical resolution to the “problem” of the suffering of separateness is inevitably pursued, including the search for the “solution” that is described as “Union” (or “Re-Union”) with the Divine.


However, in the event of the search for the Divine, the Divine Itself is never truly (or Intrinsically, Non-conditionally, and Perfectly) “Known”. In the context of the search, the Divine is “known” only with reference to the egoic pattern (or position) of presumed separateness that is the basis for seeking the Divine. Thus, in the context of the search, the Divine is seen only through the “lens” of the human “problem”, and not As Is.”

IN CONTRAST TO THE SEARCH for Happiness that is generated on the basis of “self”-contraction, Avatar Adi Da asserts that the Divine, or Reality, Itself, is the only basis on which Happiness can be fully Realized.

AVATAR ADI DA: Reality Itself Is So now.

Most Ultimately, Reality Itself will be Realized to Be So, and to have Always Already Been So.

Reality Itself Is the Context of all ‘experiencing’.

Reality Itself Is Truth.

Reality Itself Is What is to be Realized—not merely eventually, but always immediately, directly, and tacitly.

The great process of Reality Itself, the great process of human sanity, is an in-depth process.

At the true root-depth, or the always Prior depth, there is always already no ego. 

The intrinsic ecstasy of Prior and Perfect Depth is the root-basis for a new philosophy and a new way of life...”

Throughout the years of His Teaching and Blessing work (1972-2008), Avatar Adi Da drew people into the “intrinsic ecstacy” of participation in Reality Itself. In the context of relating to Avatar Adi Da in a devotional manner, on the basis of recognizing and responding to His transmission of the Realized Condition, the search for Happiness falls away and the entire process of growth and Realization can begin.


AVATAR ADI DA: “In heart-Communion with Me, the Truth is Lived to you—and you then live the Truth as your Condition. Gradually, you become less and less involved with the suffering-and-seeking images of yourself. You are trying less and less to get free, to get Realized, to get to God, Liberation, and pleasant sensation. You cease to be occupied with your search—because the Truth is being Lived to you.

In heart-Communion with Me, that Realization replaces the ordinary operating basis of your life. You simply forget your adventure of suffering—that is all. The Power of heart-Communion with Me distracts you from mere suffering (or the separate and separative and always seeking body-mind-self)—until Truth Itself becomes Obvious.”  

“In heart-Communion with Me, the Truth is Lived to you—and you then live the Truth as your Condition.” 

                                            – Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 2008

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Avatar Adi Da offers to everyone a unique means for the Realization of the Divine Condition, prior to “self”-contraction. The basis of Avatar Adi Da's offering is a process that transcends even our most basic presumptions about the nature of Realization. Himself—His Radiant Person and Presence—as means for Divine Liberation.  His work is unique and unprecedented—the appearance in the world was is unique. His incarnation can be described as a kind of breakthrough—the introduction of a new understanding of the nature of Reality and the process required for its Realization. In the following excerpt, Avatar Adi Da speaks in metaphorical terms about the nature and purpose of His appearance in the world. 

AVATAR ADI DA: It is as if humankind is existing in a shell, a kind of spherical enclosure. Here and there, in moments of time, with unique individuals, a hole has been broken through that shell and the light is seen through it. “Religions” arise on the basis of these breakthroughs.


Now, after all this time, there are a lot of little holes in the shell. Each hole is associated with a tradition, a presumption of beliefs, a presumption in mind, a tribalism of one kind or another.

My Revelation here is the shattering of that shell, the complete obliteration of it. Until My Revelation, there was only the light seen through the little piercings, the little holes here and there. But truly, What you are looking at is What Surrounds the shell—the Divine Conscious Light Itself, Which is all-and-All-Pervading and Self-Evidently The Case.


Therefore, That One must Break Through. That is My Divine Avataric Incarnation, the Breaking of this shell, the Shattering of it, Self-Revealing the actual circumstance, the actual context, of existence.”

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The word “Avatar” indicates something of the nature of Avatar Adi Da's work in the world. The term has been used traditionally to refer to a Divine Intervention—not merely an individual who has attained some degree of Enlightenment by Spiritual effort, or even a reincarnating Master, but a direct Incarnation, in physical form, of the One Supreme Reality. Such a One, it was prophesied, would bring Perfect Fullness and Completion to the Revelation of Truth in the world.

Avatar Adi Da's Life and Work is of this nature—an “Intervention” of the Divine Context of Reality into human time. 

Avatar Adi Da generated numerous forms of “agency” to Extend His Person and Revelation to

everyone. These include His Writings, His Artistic Works, Empowered places, and recordings of His discourses and occasions of sitting with devotees. But principal among the means He established is a full Way of life and practice known as “The Reality-Way of Adidam”. The basis of the Way is the joyful recognition and response to His eternal Divine Presence and State. and being drawn into His Divine State, the entire process of growth and Realization occurs by His Grace. in the context of the devotional relationship to Him. 



AVATAR ADI DA: “The means I have given are not just My Word and what could be called 'techniques' of practice. But My Presence here, My entrance into this domain, is now the forever, eternal means.


The Reality-Way of Adidam is a relationship—not a 'technique' or a body of 'techniques', nor just a philosophy or a body of 'consideration' or admonitions or descriptions. There are those things, but the Way itself is participation in My Samadhi (Enlightened State).” 


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“The Reality-Way of Adidam is a relationship—not a 'technique' or a body of 'techniques’….” 

                                                      – Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Artwork by Avatar Adi Da

(Above: Da Love-Ananda Mahal temple)

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Avatar Adi Da Samraj, 2008

IN THIS TIME of great upheaval, when even “truth” is in question, the prior Divine Condition of existence remains untouched. This is made obvious to the heart for anyone who deeply considers Avatar Adi Da’s Teaching.

His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj offers a Way of Truth and Freedom in the midst of all apparent limitations. His Way is “Radical” because it goes straight to the “root” of all human problems and suffering, and Reveals What Is Prior—the Divine Condition at the heart of every being. Avatar Adi Da Himself is the Realizer and the Revealer of that Condition—and the relationship to Him, accessed through all the means He established, is the Divinely Liberating Process He offers to everyone.

AVATAR ADI DA: “The Great Process comes about when the Divine Intervenes, Appears, Incarnates, Blesses, Teaches the understanding and the transcending of ego—such that the direct Divine Blessing may be received and the Great Divine Yoga may be entered into.”

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a guided meditation recited from Avatar Adi Da's Teaching.

What Others Have Said About Avatar Adi Da Samraj

“Adi Da Samraj and his unique body of teaching work offer a rare and extraordinary opportunity for those who are ready to move beyond ego and take the plunge into deepest communion with the Absolute. Importantly, the teaching is grounded in explicit discussion of necessary psycho-spiritual evolution and guides the student to self-responsibility and self-awareness.”

Elisabeth Targ, M.D., University of California School of Medicine

“A great teacher with the dynamic ability to awaken in his listeners something of the Divine Reality in which he is grounded, with which he is identical, and which, in fact, he is.”

Israel Regardie, author, The Golden Dawn

“Adi Da Samraj has spoken directly to the heart of our human situation—the shocking gravity of our brief and unbidden lives. Through his words I have experienced a glimmering of eternal life, and view my own existence as timeless and spaceless in a way that I never have before.”

Richard Grossinger, author, Planet Medicine, The Night Sky

“The life and teaching of Avatar Adi Da Samraj are of profound and decisive spiritual significance at this critical moment in history.”

Bryan Deschamp, Former U.N. Senior Advisor

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